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1 hour consultation on U.S. market entry, U.S. business setup & tax, fundraising, and moving to the U.S. By phone, over Skype or in person. Fee: $350

If you are looking to launch you business in the U.S you are sure to have many questions. Of course you can research online, ask other people, but the time will inevitably come when you need an expert. We invite you to book a one hour consultation on our website. The consultation will be with CEO Sebastian Sauerborn and can be conducted over the phone, on Skype or in person. It is a chance to discuss your questions and it will offer an initial indication as to how your project will be perceived in the U.S.

Request a 1 hour consultation on U.S. market entry,
U.S. business setup & tax, and moving to the U.S.

Tailored to European entrepreneurs. Over the phone, by Skype or in London.

About Myself

So let me tell you a bit About Myself.

I lived in the USA for many years and have successfully helped many European clients to found US companies. Like me, my US colleagues not only have theoretical knowledge but we are doers, problem-solvers, we make things happen.

Not only did I oversee the remote opening of bank accounts in the US, but I also dealt with US bank employees many times in person while opening accounts.

I’ve loaned money to banks, and negotiated mortgages, and lines of credit for clients including non-US foreign based clients.

During economic boom times, and during recessions too, I searched for and rented out offices in various US cities, conducting all the negotiations myself.

I have dealt with the IRS, successfully passing tax audits.

I have sat in civil courts in rural Texas. Believe me I know what it means to win in an American court of law.

I have helped process a large number of visa applications, along the way dispelling any doubts from the authorities. During this I have also learned all about the labyrinth aspects of US Immigration Law.

I have filed out many US tax returns for both US natural and legal persons, as well as successfully getting tax refunds for my clients.

In short, I have dealt with all sorts of problems, and surprises, and, in the end, almost always found a solution.

This practical experience combined with in-depth international tax law expertise is what makes my advice special and what sets me apart from most start-up agencies.

If you are interested in practical knowledge combined with the know-how in international and US tax law needed for your US project, then you should pick up the phone and have that conversation with me.

What is the goal of the consultation?

Most clients who seek advice from me have a specific question or a specific problem.

Some examples:
“When is my US company taxable in the US?”

“Do I have to register for Sales Tax in the US?”

“Is an LLC or a C-Corp / Inc the better legal form for me?”

Most of the time the client has already done a lot of research on the internet and learned some of the facts. Now, they have reached a point where the client needs to talk out matters. That person doesn’t need to be from a law firm just an experienced expert.

It’s now I come into my own.

It is then you can book a one-hour consultation and discuss your business solutions with an external expert.

The goal of the counseling session is to be able to discuss with me your ideas, plans and their arrangements and receive honest, direct feedback.

And this is my personal guarantee to you: If aspects of your project are unrealistic and it isn’t going to work then, believe me, I’ll tell you.

I deal with hundreds of clients every year. I am often surprised at how creative and imaginative the human mind is. I have learnt a lot too during my counseling sessions with clients and, always, I pass this accumulated experience on in my consultations.

On which US facts do I advise you?

My advice is as individual and diverse as my clientele. I tailor my advice to your needs. My firm can advise you on most aspects of starting and managing your US company, and these include:

Choosing the right legal form ttgrh

Choice of the best US state for your business

Sales Tax

Ongoing accounting

Legal protection

State grants and tax breaks

Hiring of staff

Occupational health insurance (“Obamacare”)

Visa and Green Card requirements

Relocation to the USA

Financing, bank loans, and raising capital.

Tax Planning & Tax Optimization both at Federal and State Level

Here are 10 concrete examples from my practice of specific questions
that clients have discussed with me during a counseling session:

“I have a startup in Europe. Does it make sense now to think about a US society?”

“My goal is to attract B2B customers in the US. What is the best legal form and the best US state?”

“The US company should be a subsidiary of my German GmbH. What do I need to consider for tax purposes in regard to US withholding tax?”

“I want to trade shares in the US Stock Exchange with the US company. What should I be considering for tax purposes?”

“My wife and I want to buy condos in Miami through a US company and then let them out. What is the best deal for that?”

“How can I design a US company that does not have to pay taxes in the US?”

“What percentage of the profits can I ‘bill out’ from the US company via management fees without having a problem with the IRS?”

“I plan to be in the USA a lot. When will I be liable for tax in the US?”

“I want to build a US company so as to sponsor my move to the US. What do I need to do?”

“I want to raise venture capital in the US. What is the right legal form for this?”

The more you know what you want then the more you benefit from my advice. So this is how you may wish to prepare for a consultation with me.

The best preparation is to have fully thought about your project and the various questions that arise from those thoughts. It is then we can begin the conversation, dealing with the issues that are preventing you achieving what it is you want to do.

Request a 1 hour consultation on U.S. market entry,
U.S. business setup & tax, and moving to the U.S.

Tailored to European entrepreneurs. Over the phone, by Skype or in London.

Process & Costs

The process of a booking a consultation is simple and is as follows:

Fill out the order form. You will then receive an email with the payment information. Once we have received your payment, we will contact you to confirm your appointment. Schedule one hour for the phone call. Alternately the appointment can take place in my London office.

If, on the basis of the information provided by you, I conclude that I cannot help you, then I will let you know in advance. Any fees already paid will be fully refunded.

The consultation costs £280. Its maximum duration is one hour. If that time slot is not used completely during that first call, then another call can be arranged at no extra cost.

It is very important that you prepare in advance for the interview. We are available for just one hour, so you need to use this time effectively. It is best to write down your questions before coming to the meeting.

The call is usually made within a week of the booking. But we are happy, as far as possible, to offer an earlier appointment if this is necessary.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with Mr. Sauerborn’s consultation, you can cancel the consultation within the first 15 minutes. Fees already paid will be returned in full. After that first 15 minutes the full fee will be charged as agreed.