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Dream Big. Dream America.

Calling European entrepreneurs to their next big adventure: the United States. Whether setting up or expanding into America – we have it covered.
Here's How it Works

Build Your US Business in Austin, Texas

Austin, TX is a city rich with culture, business, tech and industry – and is highly rated as one of the most attractive places to live for business-owners. With its combination of attractive economy and high quality of life, Austin is a great place for international entrepreneurs to consider relocating to. In fact, Austin is so popular that it was rated the Number 1 place to live for two years running by the US News & World Report.

How US Sales Tax Works

With complex and varying compliance rules across 45 States, US Sales Tax can present a significant and burdensome barrier to successful trade in the US. This challenge is heightened by the increasing scrutiny that is being given to reporting by the state tax authorities looking for additional revenues.

Can I Survive in Trump’s America?

When Donald Trump was elected in 2016, people across the globe were shocked and many feared that he would prove to be a disaster for the social and political landscape of America. With this kind of atmosphere, what are the positives about Trump’s America and what are the best tips for surviving and thriving as an expat?

Successful Marketing to US Consumers

The US is not one single market, and businesses looking to expand shouldn’t make the mistake of approaching it as such. Instead, vast geographical and cultural differences across the country make it a heterogeneous patchwork quilt of markets to be carefully researched and targeted.