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Sebastian Sauerborn, Founder & CEO

About Sebastian Sauerborn

Founder & CEO of Mount Bonnell Advisors

For the past decade, I have been speaking to hundreds of European and American entrepreneurs every year.

This has allowed me to identify one particular trait that almost all of my interlocutors shared in common:

Entrepreneurs have a sixth sense for the incomplete, the unfinished and the yet-to-be-accomplished. For tasks that are still in the process of being finalized. For the job that is still right in front of them. For work in progress.

These entrepreneurs are experts when it comes to spotting shortcomings. They have a precise vision of the future in front of their eyes and are simultaneously able to realize (sometimes painfully) how much the actual situation deviates from it.

However, this “negative entrepreneurial spirit” also has a flipside: These entrepreneurs tend to only see the flaws. They are inclined to perceive all of life itself as a never-ending work in progress. And sometimes they might even feel that “nothing is working right”.

Does this description fit you?

I view the trust, which entrepreneurs instill upon me as part of my consulting activities, as a special privilege. It is this trust that allows me to point out new perspectives and share past experience, which the client can eagerly open him or herself up to.

An important impulse that I want to impart along the way is gratitude and an awareness of what the client has already achieved — and also that which he or she has received without any effort of his or her own.

Our focus is the entrepreneurial strategy for a profitable future. The future doesn’t just “happen”, however. It cannot be viewed as isolated from the past. The future has its foundations in the hard work that already lies behind you, in what you have already achieved in your life and as an entrepreneur.

Gratitude for a successful future is also something that you owe to those who have accompanied you along the way and who have made this future possible in the first place: parents, friends, spouses, children, teachers, grandparents, colleagues… All of those who have put up with you and who believed in you. Those you loved. Those who were there for you. Those who listened to your crazy ideas. Those who made time for you. Those who helped you up and supported you that time when things didn’t work out and you were on the bottom.

The most successful and luckiest entrepreneurs who I’ve had the chance to meet were in no way perfect. Neither in their daily business affairs nor in family life. But next to the constant pressure and tension, I could also see a sense of gratitude, which, in turn, resulted in the making serious efforts for the sake of the people around them.

I hope that both you and I gain this ability, too!

Born 1977 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

1997 Abitur, then Business Administration correspondence course in Hagen.

1999 – 2003 PricewaterhouseCoopers (Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, London, Hamburg)
Participation in two global acquisition/fusion projects and the associated reorganization on the corporate IT side, namely the merger of Coopers & Lybrand with PriceWaterhouse, followed by the acquisition of PwC Consulting by IBM Global Services.

2003 — 2007 Allianz Marine & Aviation Insurance (London, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Burbank)
Participation in the corporate development of the then-newly-founded Allianz Marine & Aviation Insurance on the IT side.

Since 2006  St Matthew Chartered Certified Accountants / STM Strategy & Advisory‎ (London, Miami, Austin, Dublin, Malta)
Founding partner, development of the US branch and comprehensive consulting work for clients mainly from Europe.Apart from that, regular consulting engagements for notable enterprises and organizations such as Aon, Ernst & Young, Intasure Versicherung, Senatsverwaltung Berlin etc.

Performance Track Record

Formation & Ongoing Servicing of Companies in the United Kingdom and International Formation and supervision of more than 1,000 foreign companies and corporate structures in more than 20 different countries, especially in

the United Kingdom

the USA



Corporate Finance

Participation in around 50 successfully completed transactions for clients — usually as Lead Advisor — such as

Initial public offerings

Cross-border mergers

Company sales and acquisitions

Capital increases

Structuring of SPVs

Setting up holding structures

Raising capital

EU Bankruptcy Assistance in England and Ireland

Successfully helped more than 100 clients to get debt free in England via EU insolvency proceedings. The total sum of all debt cleared adds up to more than €250 million. Usually, our clients’ owe around €1–5 million (but some more than €50 Million).

Relocation Abroad

Conception, planning and execution of relocation of around 80 clients for the purpose of optimizing tax liabilities. Especially relocations to countries such as the United Kingdom, Malta, Ireland, the USA and the Bahamas.

Mr. Sauerborn left Germany in the year 2000 and has since lived with his family in five different countries, namely Switzerland, UK, the USA, Malta and Ireland.

Since his divorce in 2013, Mr. Sauerborn has been a single father with seven children aged 10 to 22 (in 2018).

Mr. Sauerborn is a passionate rancher. Unfortunately, the ranches in Texas and New Mexico purchased in 2012 are no longer in the ownership of the family as a result of the divorce. There are medium-term plans for the acquisition of a new ranching business and returning to the USA. You can read more on this on the Ranchinvest website.

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