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Business & Commercial Law

Expert Advice on Commercial Law for International Entrepreneurs

If you’re an international entrepreneur with business interests in the USA or looking to expand into there, you know that it’s hard to thrive without sound guidance and support.

At Mount Bonnell Advisors, we’ve teamed up with highly skilled attorneys to offer you with help and guidance on a range of business and commercial law matters. We’re trusted advocates for a range of businesses, from small start-ups to established multinational corporations.

Our clients understand the need for experienced business law guidance so they can avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary expenses, lawsuits and liabilities that might put their business assets at risk. We work with attorneys who are highly knowledgeable about the law and have a clear understanding of the pressures international entrepreneurs face in today’s competitive business market.

We can help you with:

  • Business transactions: Avoid unnecessary disputes and ensure your best interests are served with expert support for your business transactions.
  • Business formation: Get help to navigate the forming of your business from entity formation to establishing policies and procedures.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Our skilled advisors can help you with mergers and acquisitions, whether you are a seller, lender, purchase or financier.
  • Business funding: We can support you to secure funds for your business via private equity financing, private placements, bank financing and more. We work with businesses in a range of industries.
  • Commercial debt restructuring: If you have commercial debt, we can help. We support businesses to resolve issues with debt restructuring, workouts, and other strategies.

Read on to discover more about how MBA can help international entrepreneurs like you navigate these areas and support you to reach your business goals.

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US

Expert Assistance with Your Business Transactions

We have eminently qualified attorneys working with us to provide you with expert guidance through business transactions. We’ll help you with transactions such as hiring, mergers & acquisitions, real estate transactions, structuring and the purchase or sale of assets. They can also offer you support and a wealth of experience in dealing with contract negotiations, equipment leasing and negotiating with business entities. We will also ensure you have the best advice possible so that you are in full compliance with relevant tax laws in business transactions.

Joint Venture Agreements

If you want to work with another company to create a partnership without merging, you will need to negotiate a Joint Venture Agreement. We can help you with all aspects of these agreements, including advice, negotiations, tax planning, and drafting and formalizing agreements.

Drafting & Executing Employment Contracts

Getting the right staff is key to your success as an international entrepreneur. At MBA, we provide counsel and assistance on employment matters, and our sole focus is on protecting your interests.

We want you to get the best possible result from your employment practices and will ensure you are fully up to date on the relevant employment laws and regulations as you hire. Whether you are looking to bring in staff for top management positions, find sales executives who will work on commission, work with independent contractors or hire individuals for new positions that are not currently covered by your employee handbook – we’re here to help.

We want your business to thrive and we know that to do so you need the best staff. We’ll help you get the best workforce possible by supporting you with:

  • Negotiating and defining the terms of employment contracts, including a provision that the employment is “at will” if you need extra flexibility.
  • How to define specific grounds for termination
  • Deciding on compensation and severance pay (including bonuses)
  • How to execute nondisclosure and noncompete clauses
  • Creating provisions of stock options or other ownership interests the employee will acquire
  • Defining the processes you put in place for when an employee leaves the company (For example, will the employee forfeit stock options or be forced to sell ownership interest in a buyout agreement?)
  • Including provisions for arbitration#

Keeping your employee handbook up to date, including defining lists of job duties

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US

MBA will Help you Start Your Business of on the Right Foot

Getting expert support with business formation is essential when it comes to getting your new enterprise starting on the right foot. Mount Bonnell Advisors can help you to determine which business structure and venue will best suit your needs. We’ll ensure you get the best possible protection so you can avoid potential legal pitfalls – from your businesses inception, through all its years of operation.

We work with attorneys who are often successful businessmen themselves as well as being business law attorneys, and who understand the importance of making sure your new venture is on solid footing.

We’ll help you to create a plan for success by giving you advice on hiring, funding, commercial real estate leasing and other activities that support your new business.

Get in touch today to find out more about how Mount Bonnell Advisors can help.

Business Formation: Entity Selection

In the U.S. there are specific laws that govern the different ways in which businesses or organizations can be formed and structured. Some of these structures include sole proprietorship, S-Corp, C-Crop, Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and nonprofit.

Which of these you choose will depend on your circumstances and business goals. At MBA we work with knowledgeable attorneys who are well-qualified to help you select the business type that’s right for you. We’ll ensure you are up to date with relevant tax laws and how they can be applied favorably to your new business.

Shareholder Agreements, LP Agreements, and LLC Operating Agreements

Business start-ups often have particular agreements to regulate the control and management of a newly formed company. These typically include shareholder agreements, LP agreements and LLC operating agreements. The experienced team at MBA will help you create these agreements which are extremely important as they govern the way your business is operated.

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US

Using Mergers & Acquisitions as Growth Vehicles    

Some people choose to grow their business organically within an established business structure, but others decide to accelerate growth through mergers and acquisitions. If you choose to expand your business in the U.S. via mergers and acquisitions, it’s highly advisable you consult an astute business lawyer.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, such as employment agreements, utility licenses, sales, software needs, manufacturing capacity, contract, collections, and business debt to name just a few!

You’ll also need to consider how the intricacies of tax law will impact your proposal and how tax law pertains to mergers and acquisitions. At Mount Bonnell Advisors we work with attorneys who are also businessmen and can bring the advantage of years of experience to help you during the mergers and acquisitions process, and help you grow your business throughout the U.S.

Position Your Business for Growth and Success

At MBA we represent purchasers, sellers, financial advisors and lenders during all phases of mergers and acquisitions. Our approach is multi-disciplinary, covering a range of issues such as:

We will also help you with financing expertise at the due diligence, agreement, and closing stages. Our team will support you in all the business transactions you need to undertake, with the sole focus on protecting your interest and helping to ensure your current and future success.

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US

MBA can Help You Obtain the Funding Your Business Needs

Here at Mount Bonnell Advisors, our business funding practice is dedicated to helping you secure the funds you need. Whether you need funds to start your business or for continued growth, we can advise you. We can help you to contact and negotiate with private equity companies as well as other sources of business funding and financing.

Help for a Range of Industries with Funding & Asset Protection               

MBA work with legal specialists who have helped businesses raise millions of dollars in almost every industry through private placement offering memorandums as well as bank financing. We are also able to offer assistance with private equity financing and mezzanine debt financing.

We can help you to grow your business by helping to plan, fund and facilitate business growth and advise you on how to manage business operations so that your principals have full protection of their personal assets.

Advice on Tax Laws & their Impact

It’s important for international entrepreneurs to be aware of how tax rules and laws will impact their business as they expand. Get in touch with MBA today to discuss how to tailor the most tax-advantageous business planning. We can advise start-ups as well as existing companies on tax matters. We can also advise on the most profitable ways to negotiate and prepare purchase and sale agreements for your business and personal assets.  

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US

Avoiding Bankruptcy with Commercial Debt Restructuring  

If your business gets into trouble you might consider filing for bankruptcy. While Chapter 7 & Chapter 11 bankruptcies may be an option for some businesses, they are not always the right solution. There are other options out there that can ensure you avoid bankruptcy through workouts and financial restructuring.

At MBA we have a skilled team who can help you decide whether alternatives to bankruptcy will be better for your business. We’ve helped many cash-strapped businesses in the U.S. to find solutions to their financial problems and resolve them out of court. We can work with you and your creditors to determine if loan workouts and financial restructuring are appropriate options for you.

The Benefits of Workouts & Restructuring

If you want to avoid the costs associated with bankruptcy then it might be beneficial for you to negotiate a financial restructuring or a workout. This process is ideal for you if you don’t want to go through the expense and rigors of bankruptcy.  It’s cost-effective and allows you to work out a plan to restructure your debts with your creditors.

The process could help your business to negotiate debts in a way that helps you to regain profitability and liquidity, and saves you from the involvement of the bankruptcy court.

Working with Creditors to Renegotiate Debt

Many of your creditors will share the goal of returning your business to financial health. After all, it’s in their best interests to do so, because this will often ensure a greater percentage of the debts owed to them are satisfied.

The sooner you get expert advice regarding restructuring or a workout, the better because this will increase your likelihood of getting creditors to agree to a negotiation. Waiting too long may make it impossible to deal with your creditors outside of bankruptcy.

At Mount Bonnell Advisors we can help you to get in touch with your creditors and negotiate deals with them if they are appropriate for you.

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Taxes, Company Formation, and Residency in the U.S.

We’ve compiled over 150 of the most frequent questions and answers (FAQs) on tax, company formation, and residency in the U.S. in our knowledge base. You can visit our knowledge base here.

If you find that your personal questions have not been answered, book a telephone consultation here.

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US

Need Advice on Taxation, Company Formation, and Residency in the United States?

Starting a business in the U.S. can be both exhilarating and exasperating. There is much to know and even more to learn, and the pace of the information coming at you can be overwhelming.

That’s where Mount Bonnell Advisors come in.

Would you like to live your very own American Dream? At Mount Bonnell, we can guide you through the labyrinth of regulation and red tape and out into the blue skies of a dream come true – the dream of living and working in America.

Whether it’s technical issues around tax or residency, or strategic ones involving business formation and growth, the experienced team at Mount Bonnell Advisors are here to help.

So make that dream a reality by booking a consultation today with Mount Bonnell Advisors. Let the adventure commence!

Book an Expert Consultation on Building Your Business in the US, US Taxes and Moving to the US