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Which type of debt fundraising is best for your US business? Will accessing a line of credit a bank work for you, or will alternative and non-bank financing be more suitable? What approach should you take when asking friends and family to invest? In this section, we’ll help you answer those questions and more! Read on to discover how European entrepreneurs can take advantage of debt-fundraising to make the move to America.

There are many ways to get debt funding for you business and, in many ways, it can be easier in the U.S than it is in Europe. You could go the bank and ask for a line of credit or you could ask family and friends. What we can offer at Mount Bonnell is help to structure debt fundraising in the U.S and advisors to help you navigate the system.

Read our Handy Guides to Debt Fundraising Below!



We’ve created some handy guides to debt fundraising that include advice on how to explore the different options available to you. Click below to discover more, or if you need more specialist support, get in touch to book a fundraising consultation.

Bank Line of Credit

Family & Friends

Non-Bank Finance

Convertible Loan/Bond