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Your Story on Camera


Share Your Unique Story with a Powerful Video

We’re trying to do something different, not just in the story telling but with the whole process. The visual story telling is a big part of the process and what you see on screen won’t be generic or off the shelf, it will be as unique as the business you run.


What is it? Your Story on Camera is a collaboration between you and the Mount Bonnell Media team, led by our media expert Kevin Turley, to create a 6-minute video for your business.

How Does It Work? The team will work with you to create a 6-minute video that you can use to tell your unique business story.

Where Does it Take Place? – We have access to professional filming studios in and around London, with a huge variety of setups and location choices. Alternatively, we can travel to you (with travel costs paid in addition to the package fee).

How Will Your Story on Camera Help me? If you’ve done your research and read carefully through the guides on visual media, you’ll know that a high-quality, professionally produced video is one of the cornerstones of an outstanding marketing strategy. Your 6-minute video will give you the opportunity to showcase your business and let your potential backers, customers, and new American audience learn about who you are. This can be rocket fuel for your marketing impact.

How Much Does it Cost? The Your Story on Camera 6-minute video costs £15,000 (plus travel expenses as required.)

I Want a Different Video! Hey, no problem! We are more than able to help you create video content for a variety of media and with different techniques. If you want assistance from the team to produce another type of video, please check out our guide to video & photography here.


Your Story on Camera is your chance to develop a professional video to help you connect to your new market in America. It’s important that, as a European entrepreneur, you not only develop your unique story, but you tell it in a way that will resonate with American audiences.

Your Story on Camera does just that. Backed by our media team, we’ll work on a professionally scripted video that’s produced to the highest standards.

We’ll walk you through all stages of the process. First, we’ll consult with you to help you clarify your unique business story for the camera. This follows preparation work that you can complete yourself, or if you’re not sure how to find and embrace your story please see our special short packages on how we can help you.

We’ll then develop creative concepts, storyboarding and script development and polish it until your story is ready to shine on camera. We’ll arrange shooting time and locations with you and any other pre-shooting prep you need.

Then it’s time for action as we shoot your video with our professional production team. The team will be on hand to help you with any nerves or on-screen coaching you need so you can speak naturally and fluidly on camera.

After that – you can relax! Our team will edit your video in post-production and add graphics, music, and effects as required to put the finishing touches to your video.

Then you’re ready to share Your Story on Camera with the world!


If you want an outstanding video to showcase your business for your US expansion – look no further. We absolutely adore working with entrepreneurs on this kind of visual storytelling. To create the best possible video, you’re going to need an expert team behind you who can cover all aspects of planning, filming, and post-production.

You’ll also need something else – that extra bit of X-Factor that only comes from working with a team that’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs tell their story to the world. Our team will offer you that in spades – nothing gets us fired up like using our skills and creative drive to help others tell their authentic stories.

The Your Story on Camera package includes:

  • Consultation and planning with Kevin Turley about how best to bring your developed business story to life – in a way that speaks authentically to US audiences in your niche/industry.
  • Script planning, writing and storyboarding to ensure your video showcases your story.
  • High-quality filming in studio locations in and around London, or in a location of your choice (subject to travel fees for our team). We use top range filming equipment, operated by industry professionals who regularly work for mainstream television channels, to ensure you get the highest possible sound and image quality.
  • Post-production services. We’ll edit, add music, sound effects and graphics as agreed to produce the final cut.


Kevin Turley is a filmmaker, broadcaster, television producer, writer, journalist, radio scriptwriter, podcast producer, and tour guide. He’s spent years producing vibrant, high-quality media that gives businesses like yours the creative edge. Kevin is your primary contact for all your media needs and, alongside the team of industry professionals, will produce your video.

Ideas are Kevin’s business – he loves working with entrepreneurs to create fresh, witty and exciting content that sets them apart from the crowd. Kevin has worked as a producer for a number of years, including on feature films.

Kevin has spent plenty of time getting to know our business both in Europe and in the US. This gives him a firsthand perspective on these two very different markets and how to tailor your story to suit American audiences.

We love working with Kevin on our own media. Check out our Move to Texas video series and our podcast Move Your Business to the U.S. to get an idea of how he’s helped MBA to create informative and fun media that supports entrepreneurs to move their business to America.


If you’re ready to turn your business story into a high-quality short video that will showcase your narrative – then we’re thrilled for you! It takes work to get to this stage and develop your ideas and clarify your journey so you can tell it to your US audience.

To find out how you can book a place to create a Your Story on Camera video, please get in touch with Kevin Turley today to start the process.

If you’re not quite there yet and want expert support to find and embrace your story, then why not consider taking part in our Find Your Story two-hour consultation sessions, or our Embrace Your Story London workshop?

Or, if you think that you’d like to start with creating a podcast first – please check out our Your Story on Air package – where Kevin and the team support you to create a 6-episode podcasts series to support your American adventure!