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Grants & Public Funding


Getting a grant from Public Funding sources in the US can be an excellent way to help fund your American adventure. But, the process can be long and complex. To give you best the chance of Public Funding success, we’ve designed a package of support to help you navigate the noise and get on track to winning a grant to fund your business.

Public funding in the U.S. is available on different levels. It may come from the federal government, state government or from the city your company is based in. But does your business qualify for this funding? Many of the public funding programs are only open to Americans but there are some programs that are open to international entrepreneurs. Our advisors can help you navigate this system, find available programs and help to write grant applications so you can find the funding you need for your corporation.

Get Support to Find and Apply for Grants

In this section, we’ll walk you through what Public Funding is and how you can use it to help fund your US expansion. Click below to discover more and find out how Mount Bonnell Advisors can get you started with grant applications – from research, through to meeting potential funders in person.