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Classic or Modern: Our Business Address & Virtual Office Solutions for Your US-Corporation


When you decide where you want to set up your business Stateside then Mount Bonnell Advisors get to work in providing you with a virtual office in the city of your choice.
This is just one feature to our ongoing commitment to you and part of the service package we provide.
This office will be your US HQ.
It’s our job to work with you to make sure it is as special as it is important for your business.

When moving to the U.S you will need a business address but when you research service providers online, many will only offer you a mailbox. When customers research your business and see you only have a mailbox, they won’t take you seriously. As part of our C-Corporation package, Mount Bonnell can offer you a fully functioning business address in any of the cities we provide the C-Corporation package, such as New York, California or Austin. We can find the location that works for you and provide premises that you can use when you visit the U.S as well as putting your business in the right light for anyone researching you on the internet.

As well as being your usual business and post-processing address, you will be able to use the meeting rooms and offices on a daily basis. By virtue of this office, you will also avoid seeming like a mere “letterbox company.” As an additional option, we can provide you with a local telephone number as well someone to answer it for you, making things look professional and permanent.

As a rule, in terms of office provision, we avoid the typical, internationally known virtual office providers. Instead, we work with carefully selected local partners to provide your US business address.

Your Photo Album

In this section, you’ll find a photo album for each of our recommended U.S. locations. This not only contains up-to-date photos of your future virtual office in your chosen city but it also provides a clear impression of the local district and the surrounding area that office is situated in.

Please click on the title image or title of the photo album to display it.


Make yourself a picture

In this section, you’ll find a photo album for each of our recommended U.S. locations. It contains up-to-date photos of your future virtual office in your chosen city. It also provides a clear impression of the local district and the surrounding area.

Please click on the title image or title of the photo album to display it


Virtual Office in Austin, Texas

Your company HQ will be situated on Congress Avenue, in the middle of downtown Austin, a few minutes’ walk from the State Capitol Building with its distinctive domed roof. Additionally, nearby is 6th Street with its live music and many rooftop bars.

Virtual Office in Boston, Massachusetts

Home to one of the most well-known and exclusive universities in the world – Harvard, Boston is rich with culture. The city also has a strong business culture, with many start-ups. Your future office here will be located in the Back Bay area, well known for its classic redbrick buildings dating from the 19th century. In Boston, there are hundreds of bars, restaurants, and chic boutiques. This area is the ideal home for those entrepreneurs that are as creative as they are ambitious.

Virtual Office in Jackson, Wyoming

What something different? Try Jackson, Wyoming. Its wide-open spaces will remind you of some classic Cowboy movies. It’s also small town America. If you want to settle and become part of a small community then this may be for you and your company. Of course, our offices are as hi-tech and as well appointed as any others on offer.

Virtual Office in Las Vegas, Nevada

Your future home is just 10 minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Although the Strip is bustling with casinos, bars, clubs, and nightlife, your office will be located in a commercial setting alongside other commercial buildings and businesses. Your modern office consists of a two-story building with ample parking space. The office decor is a classic style, using Native American culture as inspiration, providing the ideal ambiance for your US company.

Virtual Office in Miami, Florida

Your new Florida C-Corporation could call Miami Beach its home. Stretching over 6.5 Kilometers in length, Miami Beach is built on both natural and artificial islands. The beach is connected to Miami and the mainland via a series of bridges. Of course, Miami is a party destination but not just that. There are a plethora of creative companies located in the city, and the historic Art Deco district is justly world famous.

Virtual Office in New York City, New York

Your future office will be located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. From your fifth floor office, you will have a great view over Central Park. Additionally, the well-known Plaza Hotel is just a few hundred meters away. Your office building dates from 1901 and boasts an Art Deco-style lobby.

Virtual Office in San Francisco, California

As the center of the worldwide technology industry, San Francisco has been setting the standard for innovation for some decades now. Your future office will be located in the financial district of San Francisco in a modern office building that has a teardrop-shaped base. From your 13th floor conference room, you have some beautiful views over the city and out to the Pacific Ocean.

Virtual Office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

A medium sized US location but with more punch than you may expect. Home to a number of national banks and financial institutions as well as the health care industry, Sioux Falls can surprise, pleasantly! Our offices here are just where you need to be if networking with the other established industries is something attractive to your business model.

Virtual Office in Washington, DC

Your DC office will be located in downtown Washington, close to the White House and George Washington University. Without doubt your office is close to the “center of world power”. Some of the most important political events in the U.S. and the world take place just a few blocks away.  The office building is modern and close to a variety of restaurants to which you can retreat with your clients after one of those long meetings.

Virtual Office in Wilmington, Delaware

Compared to our other cities, Wilmington is compact. The entire city has just 70,000 residents. Imagine a cityscape where the downtown area is just two blocks away. Regardless of its size, thousands of companies call Wilmington their home. Your office will be unique, however, distinct from other businesses. We can assure you that you will have your own special business space.

Why a Physical Office is Important

A virtual office location guarantees that your company has the minimum public presence in the U.S. needed.

Having this address is important for several reasons:

  • When it comes to international tax law, a company following just the minimum legal obligations is often seen as merely a “letterbox company”.  Something quickly interpreted as such by the fiscal authorities, and seen only as way of meeting the minimum requirements but little more.
  • Your business address will be verifiable with online tools such as Google Maps and Streetview.
  • Banks in the U.S. will want to see evidence of your company’s presence in the U.S. such as the address we provide for you.
  • Your company’s credit score goes up once your company is seen to have an actual address.

Real place of business: Important when opening an account in the USA

Learn more about account opening and banking for your US company

More and more US banks attach importance to the opening of accounts that new business customers have an actual office with substance. It has sometimes happened that bank employees “randomly” stopped by tenants’ headquarters because they were “in the area anyway”. This is even more important when the company is foreign-owned.

Above all, it is important for the major international banks to protect themselves on all sides. A company controlled by non-US taxpayers poses a heightened risk in the eyes of the bank’s compliance department because, ultimately, the agents are intangible with the bank (and the US authorities).

On the other hand, whoever has an actual office in the US has substance and proves seriousness – and he is more tangible.

A virtual office is quite sufficient here, because the bank can not recognize that it is only a virtual office. From the point of view of the bank, this is a real office that is accessible and where you can demonstrably use jobs.

Score points with the Virtual Office at credit bureaus

Learn more about applying for an account credit loan for your US company.

More so than just a mailbox or home address, a real office address will make your corporation appear more creditworthy to any credit bureau.

This is not primarily about which area the office is located in, or whether that area is considered particularly up market. The mere fact that the company is not domiciled at a director’s home is a plus. So a separate business can have a more positive effect on any future rating with a credit bureau.

However, that said, the ZIP code (postal code) in which the office is located is relevant. Experts are still divided over the extent a ZIP code plays in a credit rating (and credit bureaus are silent on the subject). None the less, there seems some evidence that a “good” address has a more positive impact on any credit score.

Which services you can expect

Our standard service package for all US companies includes the following services:

  • A business premises at the headquarters of your US company, much more than simply a mailbox or private address.;
  • Use of this business address as a registered office on your letterhead, in the imprint of your website, etc.
  • Forwarding your business mail by email or letter
  • Access to meeting rooms (billing by use)
  • Access today offices and hot-desking workstations (billing by use).

As part of the office location mandate, you will receive detailed information on how to book meeting rooms and day offices or workplaces for any time spent working in the USA.

Of course, you can “drop by” at your company headquarters without having to book in.

Your details are stored in the management records of the business center.  During the normal business hours you have access to the common areas of use within the premises such as the lobby area, kitchen, etc.

We do not normally affix a company or name badge in the office.

Some landlords make an exception, however, but for an extra charge.

Additional offer telephone answering/secretary service

As an additional service, we provide you with a local telephone number. This will be answered on behalf of your company by one of our US partners during local business hours.

The caller will be informed that you are currently not available. But he can leave a message, which we forward to you after the conversation along with the contact details of the caller by email.

Rental contract available on request

Mount Bonnell will be glad to send through to your company a rental agreement issued by us as proof should you need it to present to a third party. The rental agreement states that your company has rented the office for partial use from us. The lease also stipulates the annual costs of office, address usage, and the additional costs of using the meeting rooms and any other infrastructure.

There are no additional costs for this. But just to be up front we cannot include any details in the lease that are not true.

Classic or Relaxed: You have the choice

It is as important that the office space offered by us as your virtual offices meets a high standard and is in a good city location.

As far as the style of furnishing and the “vibe” of the specific location are concerned, that is down to you.  Our sites differentiate between a “corporate” look and a more “relaxed” feel. The latter correctly describes locations where tech companies and creative freelancers romp around in t-shirts and sneakers, while corporate-style offices are more conservative, more classic corporate.

Important note to the photo albums

We do our best to keep the photo albums displayed here as up-to-date as possible. Please understand, however, we cannot guarantee that the photos presented here are right up-to-date, but do reflect the current equipment and the general condition on display in the office space. Conversions, renovations, changes of ownership, etc. lead to changes in the appearance of the office space, sometimes at short notice.

It also happens from time to time that our virtual office cooperation partners change, for example, when a lease expires or a property is sold. Then we organize an alternative offer of a property of an equivalent standard. In event o this we will inform all affected clients promptly of any changes.

Also sometimes there may be delays while we get up-to-date photos from the provider and update the site.

Conclusion: For logistical reasons, we cannot guarantee that the offices depicted here are actually the company headquarters that we provide for your company. On occasion we may need to resort to an alternative but equally good offer in the same city. Please contact us before ordering your US company if you have any questions.