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U.S. Culture


America has its own special culture and ways of doing things, which can sometimes be surprising or even confusing for Europeans. This is especially true when it comes to business culture. There are norms and customs in the U.S. business market and culture that simply aren’t the same as in European countries. Getting to grips with these will help you as you build your American Dream. Click below to discover more.

With all the TV shows and movies there are out there about the U.S, we often think that we know how people live in the United States, but actually we don’t always know what life is really like. It can be surprisingly different to what we may perceive, for instance, do you know many U.S citizens don’t take holidays or vacations? It is important to be aware of these differences when moving to the U.S, especially from Europe. On this page we help you navigate these differences, describing them bit by bit and explaining when they may be relevant to you.


In our series on American culture, we cover business practices and key differences. These are important, but it’s no secret that America has received more than its fair share of negative press in the years since Donald Trump took office. Click below to read our guides to U.S. politics, Trump and how to separate fact from fiction on key issues like gun control.