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Your Story on Air

Your Story on Air in America

Get the word out about your company and brand in the US through podcasting

40% of Americans listen to podcast every day. They spend a lot of time in their cars and they are listening to podcasts. Media savvy business understand that podcasts are the way forward and that they are suitable particularly for niche products or a more cerebral and upmarket approach to advertising.


What is it? Your Story on Air works with you to produce six 30-minute podcasts episodes that showcase
your story and add real value to your US audience.

How Does It Work? We will create a six-episode narrative-driven series with you that you can market to your US base to support your expansion Stateside.

Where Does it Take Place? We’ll work with you to choose the best location for your podcast. You can choose to record it in one of our London-based professional studio locations, or on location elsewhere. If our team are traveling to you
then travel expenses will be due in addition to the package fee.

How Will Your Story on Air Help me? Podcasts are a brilliant opportunity for you to tell your story and connect with your US audience by delivering them an entertaining and informative series. This lets them get to know you and your business. Podcasts can help you in your US venture by getting you ahead of competitors and building your reputation
as a source of authoritative, entertaining information.

How Much Does it Cost? The Your Story on Air series costs £9000 for all six 30-minute episodes.


Your Story on Air is a deep dive into your business and your US expansion. Our team helps you to define a concept and deliver entertaining information in an episodic context. This can be extremely powerful when it comes to building your US brand because a podcast can offer such an in-depth set of information.

At Mount Bonnell Media we’re confident our podcasting package offers incredible value for money. We took a look at the podcasting service industry and noticed that there was something missing in most of the services we saw.

You see, most podcasting production companies are technicians rather than storytellers. They assume you already have a kickass script and have developed your narrative, so focus only on providing services that offer good quality technical features.

While this might make for a serviceable podcast, to take it to the next level you really need to have something extra. That’s where Your Story on Air comes in.

Our team loves telling stories on air. We’re experienced podcast producers and are very aware of the huge impact audio can have on the listener. This impact is maximized by delivering quality podcast episodes that use narrative and creativity to tell unique stories.

Storytelling is, after all, our oldest and most enduring way of communicating with each other. Your Story on Air taps into this verbal story potential and lets you create conversations with your new American audience base.

Your unique story is one of the keys to your business branding in the US. If you need help to find and embrace your story, then why not check out our Find Your Story two-hour consultation sessions, or our Embrace Your Story London workshop as preparation for podcast development?


Our team put storytelling at the heart of Your Story on Air for one simple reason – we know how well this sort of format works for podcasts. We’ll help you weave your six-episode narrative so that it delivers a high-impact, entertaining podcast series that you can use as one of the focal points of your US marketing efforts.

We’ll help you at all stages of podcast production – from concept to performance, recording and beyond.

The Your Story on Air package includes:

  • Consultation and planning with Kevin Turley about how best to bring your developed business story to life so it resonates with US audiences. We’ll help you clarify what format of podcasting to use (such as interview, panel, discussion, solo, etc.) and where to record.
  • Script planning, writing and storyboarding that showcases your business and develops the episodic formula of the series. We’ll help you with the series arc as well as individual episodes to make each one a high-impact, high-value listen.
  • High-quality recording of your podcasts either in a studio or on location. We have a choice of professional studios based in London to record in, or you can choose another location. (please note, if you want to record away from London, travel expenses for the podcast team need to be covered in addition to the package fee.) Our team is comprised of industry professionals who regularly work for mainstream media outlets, and your recording will have the highest standards of sound quality.

Post-production services. We’ll edit, add music, sound effects and graphics as agreed to produce the final cut.


Kevin Turley is a filmmaker, broadcaster, television producer, writer, journalist, radio scriptwriter, podcast producer, and tour guide. He’s spent years producing vibrant, high-quality media that gives businesses like yours the creative edge. Kevin is your primary contact for all your media needs and, alongside the team of industry professionals, will produce your podcast.

Ideas are Kevin’s business – he loves working with entrepreneurs to create fresh, witty and exciting content that sets them apart from the crowd. Kevin has worked as a producer for a number of years, including on feature films. He has worked with Mount Bonnell Media to produce our very own podcast “Move Your Business to the U.S”, where our CEO, Sebastian gives advice to European entrepreneurs to help them with their move.

Kevin has spent plenty of time getting to know our business both in Europe and in the US. This gives him a firsthand perspective on these two very different markets and how to tailor your story to suit American audiences.

We love working with Kevin on our own media. Check out our Move to Texas video series and our podcast Move Your Business to the U.S. to get an idea of how he’s helped MBA to create informative and fun media that supports entrepreneurs to move their business to America.


If you’re ready to turn your business story into a high-quality podcasts series –fantastic! We love working with entrepreneurs to bring their narratives to life and create meaningful and helpful podcast storytelling.

To find out how you can book a place to create a Your Story on Air video, please get in touch with Kevin Turley today to start the process.

If you’re not quite there yet and want expert support to find and embrace your story, then why not consider taking part in our Find Your Story two-hour consultation sessions, or our Embrace Your Story London workshop?

Or, if you think you’d like to tell your story via video, please check out our Your Story on Camera service.