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Our Fee Rates

Our Fee Rates

The work of Mount Bonnell Advisors is carried out on an hourly basis.

This is normal practice for the sector. The only exceptions we have are for specific services around company foundation and on going administration. These are agreed in advance with a flat rate and annual fees.

Our fee rates will also depend on the qualifications and experience of the relevant staff assigned to work on that piece of work. To calculate this we use electronic time recording systems at each workstation and, therefore, are able to calculate to within a quarter of an hour exactly how much time has been spent on your work.

When you receive an invoice from us , if desired, we can attach the timesheets generated by this time recording software.

Our Current Fee Rates

The fee rates have been agreed with our partner law firms, according to their fee rate structure.

Senior Partner

Qualified Accountant (CPA)

Tax Professional / Assistant Accountant

General client support

(e.g. bank communication, errands,
third party inquiries, etc.)
How much is it going to cost me to have the business support I need for my US company?

In order to give you a realistic idea of ​​what the costs involved are for your company, we have set out on some examples of what is offered and the costs involved for particular tasks carried out by Mount Bonnell. Please see here and here for more information.