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The View from the Top

Increasingly, anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, someone who is both independent and determined to succeed, is going to think of foreign markets.

As different as each entrepreneur is, both in terms of life and business, I think we can all agree one thing namely the supreme advantage of having the freedom to act independently according to our own lights as an entrepreneur.

We all know the joy of the path we have chosen: no boss; no pressure – you decide where and when, how and where.

At times this freedom may seem illusory, though, especially when we consider the taxes to be paid, the endless government rules and regulations that have to be borne in mind and, of course, the rights of your employees. Much of this you could not disagree with, either in practice or in principle. Entrepreneurs work within existing systems not against them. That’s not to say that entrepreneurs are not critical of aspects of the existing state interventions into the business world. We also recognize that entrepreneurs thrive regardless of the official business environment.

Today the political and economic environment in Europe is mixed. Luckily, entrepreneurs make their own rules when it comes to wealth creation. That said entrepreneurs have to keep an eye on the ever-changing landscape across Europe and beyond. Whether it is global trends or more national ones, we all need to know the business environment in which we work and create.

We also need to know about what opportunities there are abroad, and, for Mount Bonnell Advisors that is especially so for whatever is happening in the United States.

If you, as an entrepreneur, succeed in one country, there is no reason why you can’t do it again in another. You have made money in euros or in pounds, so why not in dollars too?

And you know, as an entrepreneur, how important it is to have more than one source of income, so why not multiple sources in different jurisdictions?

It makes sense to use the positives of the international tax systems to your advantage. It makes sense to use low tax business, friendly openings in places like Texas.

There are endless possibilities and many opportunities, but you need to have access to expert advice and help in getting the most out of these.

That’s why we have created the Mount Bonnell newsletter: “The View from the Top.”

We called it “The View from the Top”. The real Mount Bonnell in Texas has some great views. You can see for miles. It is inspiring, uplifting and awe-inspiring. We feel that that is just the right sort of feelings we have about the way of the entrepreneur. That’s the path we are walking with you.

Don’t worry we’re not selling you anything, we are just keeping you informed of what your options are, what the possibilities are, and, indeed, could be for you and your business.


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Of course, it’s free and with no obligation, just part of our commitment to keep you in mind and letting you know what may be of interest. It’s also part of a community, a community of entrepreneurs, and we think you qualify for that membership.

“The View from the Top” is a mixture of business reports, market analyzes, a compendium of events, offers and possible solutions offered by Mount Bonnell for our community of entrepreneurs who want to take their ambition to the next level on an international scale.

We cover Europe and we cover America. We are interested in both continents.

It’s practical: tax, law, banking, state regulation. It’s inspiring: ideas, research, psychology, and success stories.

“The View from the Top” is part of Mount Bonnell’s media strategy. That’s just a way of saying we are communicating with you via: word, image and sound.

Sign up for “The View from the Top” today, and become part not just of a community but also of a movement for personal growth and financial success no matter where you decide to do business.