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Our Name

What's in a Name?

How Mount Bonnell Advisors got Their Name

Why are we called Mount Bonnell Advisors?

The advisors bit I hope you get straight away. We advise you on moving your business and your life to the United States. Simple. But what about Mount Bonnell?

Choosing a name for a business is never easy. But as we went through our consulting process with a top brand specialist, we kept coming back to the location of Mount Bonnell, in Austin. For us, Austin is interwoven into the very fabric of the business – from our first moments working and living there, through to today and the formation of Mount Bonnell Advisors. We had plenty of options to choose from when deciding on a name but in the end, like Nokia, New York Life Insurance Company and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), we decided to name our business after the place where our story really came to life.

We’re proud to have chosen Mount Bonnell Advisors as a name that celebrates our link to this incredible place to do business. Read on to discover why Mount Bonnell is so important to Mount Bonnell Advisors! 

Why Mount Bonnell?

Well, for starters, there is a real Mount Bonnell.

Rising 775 feet above sea level, Mount Bonnell stands alongside the Lake Austin, by part of the Colorado River. From there you can see most of the city of Austin laid out in front of you. People having been coming to enjoy that view from the mountain since the 1850s, and they still come today. Families bring picnics and children sit in awe of the vista before them. Young lovers come here too: many a proposal of marriage has taken place there; and so too, not surprisingly, many wedding photo shoots.

It is a place of happy memories. A place of beginnings. A place where you can see something bigger and grander than from many other places.

The mountain was named for George W. Bonnell. He came here to fight for the independence of Texas in 1836. He stayed on, moving to Austin in 1839. It was there he published the “Texas Sentinel”.

So, now, maybe you can see why we are named Mount Bonnell Advisors.

Like the mountain, we aren’t going anywhere. We aim to be part of the landscape, especially in Texas, for quite awhile. We’re here to make people’s dreams come true, not least their dreams of independence, just like our friend, George W. Bonnell. Like him too, we are in the business of media, that’s why we have added the Mount Bonnell Media arm to our service for clients. Because it’s not just showing people the view from the top, nice as it is, it’s also making sure their message is communicated to the world.

Mount Bonnell was designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1969, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2015.

Mount Bonnell is a good choice of name. We aim to make our clients move to the United States as historic as the mountain we’re named after.